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Contest of Wills by TerribleTransit Contest of Wills by TerribleTransit
I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to make me get up and leave. Trying to make me give up. Well you know what? It's not going to work. I can sit here just as long as you can, you'll see.

Yes, I realize time would seem to go a lot faster if I was out there, doing something else. No, I'm not going to leave.

Look, I'm not the one who started this. You have only yourself to blame.

Oh Celestia, I'm so bored. I wonder what Pinkie's up to right now. Maybe I could... NO! You've got this. Just stay put.

Yeah, that's right, Mr. Clock. You thought you could get me with that, huh? Well, it's not happening. I am going to keep sitting here. Just sitting still and watching the hands go around and around and... around...


Gah! No. Not gonna fall asleep. Just gotta keep watching the clock. Keep on watching. How long has it... TWO MINUTES? That's all!? Oh, come ON. I'm so bored. Bored bored bored.

No, stop thinking like that. This isn't boring. This is EXCITING. You're WINNING. They said you couldn't hold still for this long, but they were WRONG. You've got this.

...Oh come on! Hurry up, you're going to slow! Why won't you go faster?


This is so... wait a minute. Hey, if I look really closely, I can see the minute hand moving. Tick, tick tick. Tick. ARRGH this isn't helping it's still moving too slowly. How long has it been now?

Four and a half minutes? Already? So close. I'm totally gonna do this. Just a few... more...

Few more...

I said just a few more! Hurry up already!

Few more seconds!

Ha, five minutes. I did it! I can't wait to see the look on Twilight's face.

#MLP-ATG-Alumni Week 31: A pony in competition
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January 29, 2012
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